Best Device for ATC


lower end iPhones seem to lag a lot on ATC


I back @Mika here, I use a 2018 iPad and it runs like a charm. Only issue I have had is during extended ATC ops the aircraft begin to lose texture quality but clearing the scenery cache fixes it in 5 seconds.


I would suggest the iPad 2018 9.7"(iOS 11.4.1). Its great for both tower/ground and approach. Highly recommend buying it!!


The Ipad air 2 donsn’t do badly though so I would recommned it.


Thanks Guys … looks like an upgrade may be needed.


I know that you are looking a specific device for ATC, but you can have a look at the following post:

Read carefully what each owner said and you will be fine. If you still don’t know which device to buy or which is best suitable for you, drop @Starley a DM. I am sure he will be happy to assist you!!


Any iPad will be good but particularly for controlling the 12.9 Inch IPad Pro is amazing!


I use an iPhoneX myself and it works just fine. I mean there are a few issues here and there but nothing too serious like commands not going through.


I use an iPad Pro 10.5" but it lags sometimes, so I don’t really know.


iPad mini is great! It’s compact but still almost never lags and has a great processing power! It’s great to take to Starbucks and do a bit of controlling while having an ice blended vannila!


That the I pad I use for infinite flight but I still yt? Atc communication isues


I have no issues, runs IF perfect, all settings high. Is your iPad 6th gen? 2018??


Yes it is. I got it recently


I don’t have any issues with ATC. Neither when I control or when I am on ground. You might want to reinstall the app or check for any device update, if this problem continues.


Ya know what I would use? A device. It makes absolutely no difference in my opinion… only my opinion


I’m thinking about getting an iPencil, largely for controlling. I reckon it will make my iPad Pro even better.


I use an iPad Pro, never had any troubles with it at all!

I’ve tried it with the iPencil, but generally prefer using just my fingers as it makes zooming much more intuitive.


I use Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, and it doesn’t have problems running even on heavy traffic on Medium settings


The connectivity issues you’re reporting are not caused by your device. What kind of internet service do you have? DSL, Cable, Fibre, Cellular, etc. IF causes problems when it is disconnected from the internet, even for less than a second at a time. This causes you to not be able to send any messages to anyone, and the Unknowns start popping out everywhere. Cellular service (home or phone plan) isn’t known for being stable, and causes these bugs within IF. (I know, becuase by home ISP is AT&T Fixed Wireless, and my phone LTE won’t work either.) FDS is aware of this issue, and is (I think) working towards a fix.

Also, when I’m controlling, I personally like to turn down rendering to Low, rendering resolution to High, Textures to Low, Anti-aliasing to on, and airplane count high as well as full FPS. Helps me control as fast as possible without freezes. (The iPhone X is a beast, so you could probably crank it up more than I do without any changes in performance.)

I use an iPad 9.7 2017 most of the time


I use the iPad Pro 12.7 (2nd Gen) or the iPad Pro 9.7. Both are great and I usually control using my cellular connection to avoid connection issues.