best detailed airport

hi guys I was wondering what the detailed airport on infinite flight is

99% of the Class bravos are pretty detailed… So i don’t know what you are talking about. is this a request for an airport?


Ill tell you in a moment after I finish editing this airport ;)


no it isn’t I just wanted to know what the best scenery is and that if you understand

Here is where you can see where the best imagery is:

Everything in Orange is whats covered.

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Scenery or airport?
Specify please!
You cannot have as title “best detailed airport” and then ask for scenery.
And no, no! I bet if you just write :

No one will ever know what “that” stands for.
Be as clear as possible and make the community great(er)!

All of the edited airports are great! My personal favorites include KJFK, KBOS, and KBDL by @Nathan. :)


Read the first 3 answers…
You’ll get what I mean;-)

When it comes to airport detail 99%of bravo airports are the same level but if u r talking about surrounding scenery ,I’d say some place in the ocean or mountains

Personally i really like st.Maarten. Very beautiful approach until literally a second before you hit the runway. Even when you touchdown you get the mountain in front of you!

Yea KBDL is really good

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