Best departure controller I have ever had

I just want to say that the departure controller @Ethan_Hansen gave me the most realistic departure Service out of Heathrow yesterday was amazing. So I just wanna give you a BIG thanks. And I hope for you to control me again


Hey mate,

I’m not Ethan, but I just wanted to say that seeing appreciation for the hard work that IFATC controllers do on the daily basis, always makes my day.

I’m sure Ethan will appreciate it as well!


Ethan is also one of the controllers that streams on Twitch, so you might find yourself on stream sometime! He’s one of the most active controllers we have for sure!


Oh hiiiii…

I’ll just see myself out…

Ethan Hansen is definitely a great long term controller no doubt. I’ve seen him plenty of times when I’ve been flying around the globe.


Yea. I don’t think that IFATC gets enough credit for what they do. I’ve seen ppl say that “it’s so easy.” And “they are so bad” all the time and it just makes my angry. I don’t gunk I would be able to efficiently control a airport with 200* arrivals and like 100+ departures. People don’t tend to notice the good things and they mostly only patronize people for the bad things.

In return I will give you a BIG your welcome! Departure is one of the most crucial frequencies to have open when it is busy and I am glad you found the service to be realistic and efficient! I sure hope to see you on my radar screen someday in the future!


Yup me to. You are the only departure controller to vector to around arriving traffic. When Denver had IFATC a a350 then a 747 almost hit me when I was climbing out.

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I remember seeing him when I used to have a subscription, he’s definitely a good controller

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