Best Denver Region Approaches

like the title says, what is everyones favorite mountain approaches for small planes such as the SR22. what are the most difficult and which are in coolest areas

Aspen runway 15 approach, kinda challenging

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Aspen RWY33.

My favorite approaches in the Denver region actually make up a fun route if you have time and an oxygen equipped 208:

KMTJ Montrose Rgnl > KGUC Gunnison Crested Butte Rgnl > 0CO2 Buckhorn Ranch > KANK Alexander Fld > CO11 Breckenridge

Occasionally I’ll start at CO68 Wilson Ranch before KMTJ. However CO68 is arguably the most difficult takeoff in IF, so only on free flight or solo. I’m not sure I would call any of the approaches really difficult, but they score a lot of cool points for scenic, terrain, and high altitude.