Best cruising altitudes

I fly long haul flights a lot but dont know the best cruising altitude optimizing both speed and fuel consumption. Please let me know a good altitude for the 777-200!


There’s no one answer for that type of aircraft. Have a read of this tutorial.

Ok thanks!

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There isn’t a set cruising altitude for each type of aircraft. If you want to be realistic, I suggest you do some searching on fr24 and see how they cruise in real life! :)

I’ve found above FL360, the 777 burn rate goes from ~23,000 to ~14,000 when climbing up to FL37 or above.

Welcome to the community! As mentioned above, the tutorials will do a fine job explaining everything you need to know!

It all depends on the weight of the aircraft, but for an eastbound long haul in the 777-200, I usually cruise 37,000 or 39,000 ft and 36,000 or 38,000 if you are going westbound.

Make sure to step climb! Eg. 33,000 - 35,000 - 37,000 - 39,000

SimBrief and FPLtoIF will compute cruising altitudes and step climbs for you. And if you use IFAssistant, you can set that third party app to step climb for you at set waypoints.