Best/Cheapest Tablet for IF Global

I tried to find a thread that contained information about the best tablet while also being cost effective but it seems like all the threads were from last year and we didn’t have global back then. (They’re also locked)

So I decided to start this thread to see what are people’s personal experience with both Android and Apple tablets that run infinite flight global.

What I’m looking for is:

  • Cost effective
  • Fairly new
  • Great performance
  • Decent battery
  • Internal ( external memory if possible)
  • Has to support IF Global - So it needs to have OPEN GL support
  • Your personal experience of the device
  • How does it run for you? Do you have issues or lag?

iPad 2017 is a good option according to some users in here. And it’s also cheaper compared to other iPads with decent specifications


I will have to take a look at that one - thanks mate!

As George said the IPad 2017, its now cheaper than the Air 2 was while having the latest hardware from Apple. It’s the perfect choice.

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Do you know of any Android tablets that might be similar?

How much are you willing to spend?

Nothing more than $500, I figured anything below that would be a good deal since I would generally only use it for long flights…

But if I end up spending than $500 I would use it for business as well to make it worth while.

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Android tablets never really come close to what an iPad can offer. That being said I don’t know much about the current ones that are decent so I can only suggest the iPad 2017, best of luck to you. Hope you find a good device in your price range :)


I’m not sure if you can find Xiaomi tablets in US/Europe. But actually Mi Pad 2 is a good offer besides iPad 2017. And I’m sure with the latest specs, it could handle the app perfectly.

I guess it might be pretty hard to find one if you live in US, but it’s easy to find if you live within Asia

Nvidia Shield is the best tablet on the market

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I ordered iPad 2017 online, cost me 300€
And run perfectly as always…
Only the screen don’t really like it, it made by LCD,
So u can see small gap in the screen…


I use the new iPad (5th generation), 32GB. Only cost $350 including taxes and shipping


I am seeing a IPad 2017 for about 261 on amazon refurbished… not bad at all.
I wonder what the cyber Monday deals will be like.

Is the screen quality good?
how is the battery?

iPad 2017 for sure, A9 is like a beast perfomance wise. And IF is a lot more stable in iOS rather than Android. So i suggest go with the iPad


I Guess its pretty clear what I need to get at this point!


Yea, iPad 2017/5th Gen is you best bet. Don’t look at the iPad Mini 4 though. It’s more money than the 2017 iPad and it’s out-of-date.
Apple is probably your best bet with tablets.

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You use the iPad 2017 or the 5 gen iPad?

Be sure to pick up an iPad Pro for me too ;)