Best Butter Landing EU WEST

Maybe the worlds best approach for a landing on RW09 at LFPG 🤨😳😅😂👨🏻‍✈️

Shot on Training server
Monday April 12, 15:56 CET

Pilot in the picture

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Um, im not sure this allowed here on #screenshots-and-videos but nonetheless quite an interesting landing.

Don’t reveal who the person is. Imagine that was you…

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Do not expose him man that’s not cool

Hey, interesting picture, but according to #screenshots-and-videos guidelines no user interface should be seen in the picture, you can see it in this topic:

Also, it would probably suit better in this topic:

No need to call out another person like that though, they could find it embarrassing among other things.


lmao ofc it’s just a game, why you have to be mad?

Air France must hire this pilot, he could change the aviation industry! This is by far the best approach I have ever seen!


Be honest with you, if that was me I wouldn’t like it. Some people might find it embarrassing.

He might be practicing as it is on the Training server



Im not mad, and I never try to be, but what if the user doesn’t want to be seen like this? What if they are just practicing and are trying their best?

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u must be Sherlock Holmes. it was an interesting landing and I tried to assist him best way I could. was it funny yes it was, was it interesting, yes it was. Did he Land it safe, yes kind of. there is no exposure and no hate just an interesting landing of an pilot on training.

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You literally tagged him…

also not my problem. if he doesn’t wanna get tagged then hide your usernames ingame. otherwise that option would be pointless.

i get tagged like 10 times a day people seeing me on live so I chose to show my username and if people tag me they tag me. if I don’t want to get tagged I hide my username and don’t share my callsign on my profile 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Oh god theres like fifteen people typing at once

Why should they be restricted to hiding their username, you shouldn’t be exposing them in this way. A pm would suffice, not publicly showing off their approach for landing.

writing books lmao

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In all seriousness, I wouldn’t tag the user. I can’t speak for everyone on the forum, but I would be personally fine with being mentioned. Some might be embarrassed by this, and some might not. All together, it’s best not to make an entire topic about this, and you could post it in Humorous Live Photos. It would have more context, and maybe some users will have a laugh about it.

still not my problem if he chose to show his username on server

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