Best budget phones for IF

2017 iPad. Coming from the Mini 2. The Mini still runs everything on max pretty well.

Interesting, I never knew this. Will it be fixed for that device?

Yeah, the old A3s had terrible specs. The 2017 model is a high-end 4.5" smartphone.

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Not sure, whenever Samsung can push an update fixing the firmware, or I remember Tyler stating on a support thread that if it isn’t fixed by Samsung, they might push an update fixing it from IF’s side post global. I might have to find the thread later to show u.

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There are many nice budget phone’s Huawei make some nice phone’s. And their honor series is just awesome. I would definitely recommend and honor 8. Samsung galaxy s6 upwards are great too. Can run at max settings with no problem. Video recording is great too.

If your looking for a tablet then the best tablet you’ll be able to find which can run if at max is probably the newer iPads. There’s really not many android tablets which are good. The iPad will cost you a bit but they’re fast and get the job done.

So it’s your choice. My overall suggestion are above.

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Get an iPhone 5s. It’s sooo worth it! You always find good deals on the phones! I would get one over a 6 because they are soooo much cheaper. I had one and it could run everything maxed out!

Get the Moto G5 plus you can get it for that price. you can choose 2gb or 4gb RAM.

As you are in India, I would suggest Micromax phones as they have worked well for me in the past and are quite low cost (RS 5000-10000)

Does Zenfone 3 with 4 gbs of RAM, chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, GPU Adreno 506, with android Nougat 7 and 64 gbs will run the next update of Global Infinite Flight?

Almost certainly sir. That’s a large amount of RAM, very solid chipset, will definitely have openGL 3.0 and a large amount of storage

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Yeah, its OpenGL 3.1
But anyway, thanks for answering me :D


I agree 100 % with this post. I compare specs & read reviews religiously if I’m contemplating any tech purchase. In my opinion iPads and tablets are typically the best way to play any sim or mobile game given their larger screen size, good performance specs (usually but not always, do hw) and the fact you can conserve storage on your phone by using these devices instead for your games.

Some of the refurbished iPads are a really great deal as they have new components, etc and are only be slightly behind the latest iPads in terms of RAM, processor, etc.

I recommend looking at Groupon as sometimes they have great deals on refurbished iPads, especially if they have coupon codes. Again I advise doing your HW on all aspects of a prospective purchase to include price comparisons for an iPad with all the same specs (google shopping is an easy way to do that).

My biggest advice on tablets especially: don’t assume it’s good for global or gaming just because it has a large screen. What’s “behind the screen” (processor, graphics cards, etc) is most important. I’ve seen tablet with colossal screens and very poor performance characteristics.

No iPhone and iPad? Are you worried about price or the OS?
If you’re only worried about price, then the iPad (2017) isn’t actually bad… it’s an overall good tablet, and is decently powerful. The 32 GB is $329.

I have the Elephone P9000, about $200(+import duty-it’s Chinese) and it runs it almost always smoothly. It has a relatively good 5.5 inch screen, and octacore processor. I would reccomend it, or another of the Elephone smartphones as they are the best budget smartphones I have seen on the market for under $300 when comparing specs.

My old Nokia runs IF just fine.


For anyone who asks “does xxxx run IF” the devs have given the specs. It is up to you do to the homework.

iOS Requirements:

  • 64 bit device
  • iOS 10 operating system or later

Android Requirements:

  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system or later
  • Device must support OpenGL ES 3.0

Thanks, now I know that my Zenfone 3 runs the Global update ;w;

I’m using it as well, the $329 base model I have runs everything on max settings for a long time, and has a Retina display, so the game looks better that way, too.

Nope cause I use the LG K20 plus and IF its so laggy even when Im using medium reindering quality. And there are even times when the app crashes after zooming in into the cockpit.

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In your range you said between 250-350. Get te iPhone SE in my Country I pay just 25 a month and no upfront cost. It has 2gb ram A9 Chip processer and I can easily run max settings on it.

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