Best budget phones for IF

Hey guys I dont know whether this topic was made before or not, but I wanted to know that which budget phone would be good for IF.( Remember BUDGET PHONES ONLY). So no iPhone and iPad plz and in the range of 250$ to 350$.

Which would also be compatible for the upcoming update GLOBAL.

Vivo V3 is a good option actually. It’s pretty cheap and not as expensive as Samsung or iPhones. And I’m using Snapdragon as the processor

It’s not cheap actually. But cheaper compared to iPhones or Samsungs

I would suggest you to go for Chinese made phones if you want cheap phones


Well, let me put it like this. 95% of all the issues I’ve seen are because of crappy budget phones. There is no such thing as a “good” budget phone for Infinite Flight unfortunately.

Reason is because of strange hardware setups, and even weirder Android configurations.


The OnePlus 3/3T is really overpowered for the money you pay. Its about INR 24k to 27k. (if this is your definition of budget)

When you are buying a phone, just don’t look at the RAM, you should be looking at the CPU/GPUs as well. SnapDragon and Adrenos are the best in the Android world with IF.

Most of the smartphones with lots of RAM and low price in the market usually end up having a ton of bloatware and/or a crappy Chipset (CPU+GPU)


I wouldn’t go with a phone, but a tablet, because it’s a larger screen. I personally use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A that I bought for $180 and It works great!


You need AT&T they set our family up with a 5 year year plan (which does kinda suck) 5gb of data and all three of us got IPhone 6S Plus for 99 cents which I know sounds fake but it’s all aploy you’ll pay full price after 5 years
And then again we’ve been with AT&T since the first IPhone came out

OP is from India, no chance he’ll get ATandT


This isn’t a phone but its a good choice for daily use including IF. Its only $300 and has the latest processors (a9chip) and features from apple such as retina display, 10hrs of battery life, 8mp camera ,etc.


@K3v1nxu he said no to Apple

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yeah but hes talking about the expensive ones like the iPad pro. This one is in the 300 dollar range and runs well. I

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You said no iPhones however Walmart has deals on iPhone 5s for 160. Older models but they work just fine for IF.

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I will echo this and advise that you do your homeowork by researching specs, reading reviews, and dig through forums a bit prior to purchasing a device. Mark and I are always happy to assist and troubleshoot, but I can say that the majority of our support tickets and issues stem from incapable devices that simply don’t perform well or require the absolute lowest settings.

Nothing wrong with a budget buy, but do your research. Refurbished iPads are always a great and economical option too!


I remember he who shall not be named said that overall Apple devices perform better with IF. Is that correct?

The new iPad is really cheap, get that.

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Declan, £300+ is not cheap 🙄 I’m sure he is thinking in the region of £200 max.

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Oh, get some crap chinese brick phone then


Not to mention about high import taxes tho


HTC and Huawai are strong and pricely take a look @them ^^

Yep. IF runs on my 5s with no lag, max settings.