Best B777-200ER Vertical Speed when on approach


The B777-200 is a very heavy plane so that means the speed goes up when approaching even with full flaps and flight spoilers. What is the best VS for -200ER?

I like to descend normally at about 800-1000fpm. Maybe if you’re a heavy (a Boeing callsign) try 1200-1400. Hope this helps!!

Okay thank you! How many minutes before should I start my approach?

Altitude above ground / 1000 * 3 + 20-30nm = Amount of nm you should start your descent away from your destination

You can see how far away you are by changing the bar at the bottom of the screen to Distance to Destination

ok thank you! :)

Also there are tutorials on that on YT or here in the Forum (search TOD (Top of Descent))

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It depends on the aircraft’s weight, winds, current airspeed, airspeed you want to be at, the rate at which you want to accelerate/decelerate if you want to be at a different airspeed, configuration, etc. So, yeah, not sure, sorry 🤔

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