Best Aviation School Near Me?

Hey guys,

Over the summer I want to start some pilot training lessons. Since I will be in Virginia for the summer, do any of you know where a good aviation school is in the area so I can develop my flying schools?

On top of this, after the summer break, I will be heading back to the UK, where I am based in Bath/Bristol. Does anyone know any places there where I can fly on the weekends to continue my development in aviation and potentially help me get my PPL in due time.

Thanks in advance,


Well if you tell the community your exact address we can find you and take you to an aviation school.

Seriously, use google maps and google alone.

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The beauties of web browsers do marvelous wonders:


Been looking at flight schools for the past hour, just seeing if anyone nearby had any preferences or experiences in the area. Thanks for the help though, will certainly check the website out!

Doesn’t Bristol airport have a flying school? I have driven past it many times.

He probably prefers a smaller airport, those are usually cheaper. I can only imagine what the landing fees at Bristol are.

i think when asking for an opinion it would be best to go here as for all we know the flight school sponsored or even wrote the positive article about them

Curious question:. How well does FAA certified classes crossover (reciprocity) to whatever the agency name is for the UK /Europe? Can you easily transfer your hours?

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