Best Aviation Related Apps or Webpages

NO. Extreme/F18 landings is a terrible simulator

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I find it pretty fun. Just doesn’t have good flying physics

but imho good flying physics are important to a flight sim

X plane 10 is good not okay, it’s got a fun cockpit that’s got movable instruments such as a key startup in the 172


This goes in bad

this goes in good!


Okay, I have 2 problems with this:

1- Both versions are free
2- Both versions are really good.

You mean AM by Xombat? I have AM2 and it’s great!


I pretty much spent 3 years searching for a sim. Then I found IF and have stuck with it since. IF is the #best on the store!

Quick thing, I don’t think this fits into any category, RWA which it is in right now is the closest fit. This topic is the kind on topic to go into the Lounge category which is only available when your TL3. 😉


I meant the old lite version

I want a topic everyone can see

What old lite versions? The apps are free, and offer a subscription if you want more features. There is no “lite version”

I use FR24, LiveATC, IF, IFP, IF Assistant, Airline Pilot Guy, Fly Delta, LiveFlight, MyRadar, Takeoff, & of course the most valuable aviation resource is my iOS Podcast app. Yes of course I listen to FlightCast. I also very highly recommend Airline Pilot Guy & Aviation Careers Podcast for those of you who are looking into aviation as a career.


Not a Regular yet, but I have one. and FltPlan GO (Mobile)

I’ll add them in in about an hour. Can’t do much as I am in hospital, just hold on and I will add them

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A good one is “SimplePlanes”. You can design your own plane and test it, it teaches you about aerodynamics.


That one I tried out. Didn’t enjoy it.
IF ONE PERSON SAYS X IS BAD AND THE OTHER SAYS X IS GOOD, it will go into the okay category


I’m working with a couple of persons about an amazing app called PAX ! You’ll love it for sure ! I unfortunately can’t give you more informations about it simply because the app is on a beta phase.

However, the official release is now planned in approximately 3 months.

Please don’t download the app on the Apple Store/Play Store for two reasons :
• That was a test version of our app. (The "new app will be totally different at all aspects + UI/UX)
• The actual and the “new” app will be transferred into a private beta test.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming next on our web app:

For more, simply message me and I’ll tell you how to contact and discuss with us !

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Put simpleplanes and X-plane 10 in good flight sims (just cause you don’t like them doesn’t mean that all of us don’t like them


I think in the ok flight sim catagory both “Frecci Tricolor Flight Simulator” (made by rortos) and “Take Off - The Flight Simulator” should be added.
EDIT: Although those could be classified as a game…

Wait. Is this it? Or is it a different app?

@Aussie_Cockatoo Although it is free at the start. Non of the other flight sims are as far as I know. The graphics are nice although I didn’t really find it fun. The missions aren’t that interesting and free flight is really limited.