Best Aviation Related Apps or Webpages

Of course we can’t just live with IF forever, we also have to pay respect for other aviation apps as well, and I am looking for aviation related apps to get. We can recommend them to others, tell what are the worst aviation apps etc.
This table is so you spend your data and money wisely. We will not accept flight sims that have other stuff in it such as KSP and Roblox.
The ones in bold are essential.

Good Flight Sims

  • Aerofly 1 & 2
  • AirFighters
  • F18 Carrier Landings
  • Simple Planes
  • X-Plane 10

Good other

  • Flightradar24
  • FlightAware
  • Air Tycoon Online 2
  • Air Tycoon Online
  • ForeFlight
  • FlightCast
  • IFP
  • IF Assistant
  • Live ATC
  • Airline Pilot Guy
  • Fly Delta
  • MyRadar
  • Takeoff
  • 3X airplanes
  • ATC for real
  • X-Plane 9 (no longer available in mobile store)
  • Air Tycoon 4
  • PFPX

Okay Flight Sims

  • Carrier landings
  • Extreme Landings
  • Flight World Simulator
  • Take off, the flight simulator
  • Frecci Tricolor Flight Simulator

Okay other

  • Unmatched ATC
  • Airline Manager
  • Pocket Planes
  • Transporter Flight Simulator

Bad Flight Sims

Bad other

  • Old Flightradar24 (no longer available in mobile store)

Flight Simming Resources

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iOS didn’t make an App Store for their health ya know.


Most of the other “flight sims” are unrealistic flywings is a major offender. There was also this game I saw that had A380s with props😂


Do I respect other aviation apps? Yes. Do I recommend them? No. They are really bad. In my opinion, IF it’s the best aviation app, along with Extreme Landings (who will make transform you into a different human being due to its emergency missions) and Aerofly, of course only if we’re talking about iPads, iPhones, Androids, etc. There are really good simulators for PC =) cheers.

P.S I replied too fast, lol!


Good ones are Extreme landings and AeroFly FS 2


Good other might be Airline Tycoon Online 2 and Pocket Planes

Pocket planes gets boring after a while and Airline Manager is tricky to use and is slow. Those go in okay category

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I’m horrible at Airline Manager and Pocket Planes it’s fun when you get to the jet engine aircraft

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I got it 3 times and 6 months for each and it took me forever to even get to the Beechcraft.

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ATO2 is pretty good actually. Same goes to Infinite Flight 😉

FlightRadar24, LiveFlight, and Infinite Tracker are good applications too


I have put those down as seen above 👍

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Make this look more professional! Make the headings better and clearer, and make the apps under them into bulleted lists. Sorry to sound picky, but first impression is everything.


Extreme landing was my main flying sim before I discovered IF. I like its emergency situations and crashing animation. It has global with time speed up. I haven’t successfully land the fake Concorde on other side of Pacific Ocean from California. I was able to reach Heathrow from New York with a diversion to refuel.

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@Henrik can you make the top post a wiki so you can help us all?

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It is now a wiki.

That is to inform the regulars.

Why is Xplane in okay? The only problem I see some people would have is small regions and you only get like 2 planes for free. Otherwise it has some nice graphics for a mobile sim and you can manually start 3-4 aircraft currently.


Didn’t really find it that good. A bit of a ripoff actually.

I guess it’s a bit of a ripoff you only get 2 free planes and other planes have like 1 or 3 liveries otherwise I think it’s kind of fun to fly a 172 or have a random engine failure