Best Aviation Headset on a Budget

Hey Guys!

If you dont know, I started flight training a few days ago!
My instructor recommends that I have my own headset soon so I dont have to keep borrowing one from the flight school. I dont want to go super fancy with a Bose headset yet but I am looking for a solid option on a budget.

If you have any suggestions on which headset it best for the price feel free to reply and let me know!

Have a great day or night!

I’d go with the traditional David Clark headset. Good quality, especially for students. It’s what I’ve used since the beginning.


(This is one model, there are tons).


I personally was in the same boat you are and I found a really good solution. It may be a good option for you too. There was no way I wanted to spend the money on the Bose A20 but I found the same quality much cheaper. There’s a kit out there called the UFlyMike. They sell kits that convert regular old Bose headphones into high quality headsets. Check it out… It might be a much cheaper option to get you high quality. Happy flying!

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I you are looking for under budget, DEFINITELY DO NOT go for the A20 Bose. they are 1k. I would go for the Faro G2 ANR.

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This may be topic may be closed. I have gone with the David Clark H10 13.4 headset

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