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Hello ! I have a question ? Is it possible to make an Autopilot that he follow the Flight plan ? (Heading)

Because that can be great !


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I Know but an Autopilot with auto-heading could be great and pleasant for long Flight !

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Autopilot has 4 main components: Speed, heading, altitude, and VS.

Speed: Controls airspeed (kts)
Heading: Controls direction of flight (out of 360º)
Altitude: Controls height ASL (above sea level) (ft)
VS: Controls how fast you ascend or descend (ft/min I believe)

To turn on the heading autopilot, simply go to tap “HDG” on the left side of the screen. Autopilot will now maintain your current heading. Press & hold on HDG (same applies to a lot of buttons, including all autopilot buttons) and drag down to turn left, up to turn right. Autopilot cannot follow your flight plan, but will tell you what the new heading of your next leg in the flight plan will be 1 minute before that leg, and about 16-20 seconds before the leg (the time when you should start turning towards your next leg). Hope this helps!


I know all this things … I have 50h of Flight on this simulator …

@Theo__h Ok, it’s VNAV/LNAV- Vertical Navigation/Lateral navigation=RNAV👍 We asked about it earlier in the feature section. I don’t think it will come anytime soon. Stop looking for way to clock your XP😜

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It’s an autopilot without VNAV and LNAV - with 50 hrs of simulator time you should be very familiar with the basic auto throttle, roll, and pitch modes. Basically you have HDG SEL, V/S, ALT HOLD, and a kind of FMC SPD.

Some people have gotten 100 hours in a week

From my understanding, go into the map, select the route option and find the “heading” given in the route description. Set the heading given there.

50h, Really?? I think that you have only one week playing but you play all the day to this simulator!?!? :sweat_smile:

What would be the point of playing on this simulator if autopilot just flew the entire flight for you?

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