Best Atc on TS @Azhal_Halil!

Yesterday I was on TS and I experienced the best ATC I have seen on TS. Is there a way to promote or congratulate him apart from pm?


That’s amazing! Maybe you can look them up and see if they are on the forum but they might not be since they were in TS ATC


If you mention his name in the title or here, we could maybe find them if they are apart of IFC.

Please note though that not all app users are members of the community.

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He is on the forum and I already congratulated him but is there a way someone could reward him in some way!?

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I think no. Maybe you can recommend him to start the IFATC process!


While there’s no way to promote the controller, I’d pass this link on to them. The best you can do is thank them and encourage them start the IFATC process.


It is realley great how you want to thank someone for their ATC service. IFATC and ATC in IF in general, work very hard to keep our skies safe.

So I thank YOU for that and ATC aswell!😄

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@Azhal_Halil is the one!!!


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