Best Apps for Flight Planning?

I was wondering if there are any good apps (that have little to no cost (cough not foreflight)) for flight planning. What I’m mainly looking for is a simple app where I can input my fpl, have somewhat detailed WX radar, and a map of AIRMETs/SIGMETs. Any suggestions?

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Sky vector, Simbrief is a great source also!


Use flight plan database. It doesn’t cost money. Plus you can enable all those features.


Try and see if works. They were just acquired by Garmin not too long ago. today to be exact. You’ll just need to create a free account and shouldn’t have to pay for anything.


And if you have Simbrief, it’s good to have on board! 👍🏻


Was just thinking about helpful it would to have integration between simbrief, etc. and IF. Thanks for sharing this!!



Anouther vote for, use this all the time for my flight planning, has all the details you are looking for. The waypoints can be easily transferred either direct to IF using copy and paste function or by using FPLtoIF as well.

nice stuff

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VirtualHub is a cool app, try it out. It’s got a checklist, Flight planer and more.

I use and it’s really useful

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