Best Approaches and Takeoffs

What are the best airports to take off and land into on IF, the ones that are always fun fly in and out of (preferably without needing IF pro),


I would say Queenstown in New Zealand, but I don’t think you can fly there without pro. (Correct me if I’m wrong!) but if I where to choose a region… probably Singapore with the new scenery.

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Gibraltar LGBX is a fun approach. So is Innsbruck LOWI.

Guatemala City is also quite interesting!


KMSO runway 12 takeoff and KMSO runway 30 approach

Ahhh tricky if your asking without a subscription. What I can tell you is that if your looking for cool challenging approaches, the subscription may be the best way to go to experience these thrilling approaches. One of my favorites has to be Paro’s tight approach dodging terrain or Lukla. I’m always up for a challenge and those airports deliver the challenge I crave for. Now an approach without a subscription you can use which I like is the approach into KSAN runway 27. Always a fun one!


I would say KASE as per the NOTAM from the Expert Server which you can pretend to do.

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I’d say PHLI from the north.

KPSP has a tricky approach so you can try that and I would say you can try out KFAT it has nice mountains around it!

I only know the tricky ones I’ve tried in IF, using subscription.

  • NZQN approach, (Queenstown, New Zealand): Executing the famous “Late Turn Approach” to runway 5. As you can see here: NZQN "Late Turn" approach, IF vs Real Life video!

  • VQPR approach, (Paro, Bhutan): Visual only, dramatic VFR banks between narrow terrain openings and taking visual cues from landmarks (like a Buddhist temple, dunno if this could already be seen in 19.3). A319. Only a select few pilots are certified to land here.

  • LPMA (Funchal, Madeira): Skilful approach turn needed whilst battling high winds.

Copy this STAR, goodluck!

(8200ft @NIDUL descend 3000ft prepare to intercept RWY 23)


  • KDCA (Ronald Reagan National, Washington): Descent to VFR Potomac river and executing hard bank after the bridge to RWY 19. And the reason you must follow this procedure is due to P56 prohibited airspace that you must dodge somewhere on final leg (or risk getting escorted by F-16’s in real life!), as if that final hard bank isn’t hard enough!

I’m sorry if the list is short but you could also google “Category C airports” and see if your unusual or dangerous airports are included in the current non-pro version of IF. Hope this helps, cheers! :)

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Definitively VQPR (Paro)

Its the world’s most difficult approach, and I’m pretty good at it! ;)

How did I forget about that one! That use to be my favorite approach!

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I’m not sure how 🧐

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Santiago , Chile is very scenic and quite challenging the first time you do it

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Innsbruck’s circling 08 approach will always be a thrill for me.

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How has nobody mentioned Kai Tak Runway 13 Checkerboard Approach! VHXX is the code in IF.


I’ve seen several small fields around Mount Ranier that are simply a dream to go to and fro in an XCub. They even make an appearance in a recent film I made 😉

KSAN is pretty good, very basic. But MMMX is really tricky for me

Some of the most scenic approaches for me has been KSJC, KSLC, and KORD. The mountains are beautiful for the first 2, and the lake on a East approach for the last make these my favorite. I’ve really only flown over the USA in IF, so I have a lot of flying to do to find more beautiful approaches.

I’m not sure for takeoffs. There was a recent event at KRIL - takeoff in a valley with mountains ahead and to both sides. I’d say that was the best takeoff I’ve done.

Without Pro, I really like


When you land on 22L in KEWR you get to see New York City I-95 that is the highway also you get to see the port and giants/jets stadium!