Best Approach Patterns

Hey Folks,

Would like to ask , what is the ideal approach pattern for keeping sanity in our virtual skies ?

Although , No one cares for an ATC on a training server :)

And Dear Pilots ( On training server ) , ATC don’t have a Hubble telescope to clear you for an approach to RJTT , while you are still in EGLL airspace. Haha.


Turbodrops: 1000ft Above the Airfield.
Jets: 1500ft Above the Airfield.

Speed: I usually do it with 200kts, Idk what’s the ideal, I guess it depends of the Aircraft.

Nautical Miles from the Airfield: 4NM. (keep the visual)

After take off you have to say: Remaining in the pattern. But, if the ATIS says: NO PATTERN WORK ALLOWED (the Atc uses this to regulate the traffic or if the airfield is not allowed for patterns: example, Lukla Airport, PARO Airport, Insburck, because they haven’t a “Normal” Pattern) you don’t have to do a pattern.

The Atc will clear you for the Option, Option means that you can make a Full Stop, Touch and go, etc.


Speedbird001 heading 220 vectors straight in climb and maintain FL350 , report Airport in sight

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Hey @dk_commander

As a VATSIM Air Traffic Controller we use real world operations when giving instructions to circuit traffic. Now even though this is Infinite Flight this information is still as realistic and accurate. Hope it helps :)

  • High performance - includes jets and many turbo-prop aircraft, above approximately 150KT, 1,500FT AFE

  • Medium performance- includes most piston engine aircraft, between approximately 55-150KT, 1000FT AFE

  • Low performance - ultralights and rotary wing with a maximum speed of approximately 55KT, 500FT AFE

This image is simpler if you’re looking for that. Ignore the helicopter as we don’t have that yet 😉

Key Points:

  • Jets & most turbo-props 1500FT
  • Piston 1000FT
  • Helicopters 500FT

Regards, MrHighFlyer ✈️ (Also if you need anything else don’t be shy to chuck a dm or even just reply back)

P.S @Captain_Angell has the rest of the pattern work stuff there for you


Haha this is so true! Heard this many times while flying on the training server.
”1000+nm away from airport”
”Turn left heading 020 cleared ILS approach runway 23”


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