Best Android phone for IF?

I use Android phones primarily, what is the BEST phone for IF that is for Android


Samsung flagship devices such as the latest Note 8, Galaxy S8 and S8+.

They work great for me with smooth running and handling.


I don’t know my Androids, I’m more of an Apple Guy. I reccomend getting the latest and greatest Android phone, and always be sure to look at the System Requirments for Infinite Flight Global. Like @ServerGhost mentioned, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ Are very powerful, and smooth devices that can fit you’re needs.

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Now, when you say BEST, I’m assuming you aren’t worried about the price, in which case, as mentioned above, Samsung’s flagships are a good choice. Huawei and even LG’s flagships are serious competitors.
If you are considering a lower price point, say around $400, the Honor (Huawei’s smaller division) series is a VERY good choice. I myself play on an Honor 8, and hardly experience major lag, and even minor lag is infrequent (graphics high, anti aliasing off).

btw, if you don’t know Huawei, it’s only the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer, after Samsung #1 and Apple #2

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If you look for a deal, the LG G6 can be a good deal. Otherwise, any flagship s are good

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Besides what @ServerGhost mentioned if you are looking for Samsung devices, you can also buy Vivo V7 plus with cheaper and more affordable price tag. I owned the previous generation and Infinite Flight runs smoothly on my phone. So I do recommend the V7 plus

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With Android devices you will want to look more heavily on devices with more RAM as Android devices throttle the CPU more when RAM is low, thus affecting IF the most. That being said while the S8/S8+ are great options if you have the money shell it out for the Note 8. But I would also say the RAZER phone is the go to if you are just looking for a strictly gaming phone. Thing is just a monster for graphics and CPU.


If I were you, I’d get the Google Pixel 1st Gen. I have this phone and it works with IF flawlessly!

Please note the razer phone has threw same cpu and GPU, but compared to other msm8996 phones, it is in fact slower by 10mhz, from 2.45ghz to 2.35. Screen is unacceptable and so is the battery.
Throttling is dependent on heat, and most phones will kill off high RAM uses in the background

Depending on what your budget is i would recommend the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. It has 6GB RAM which should give you no lag at all no matter what game or app it is. It also has one of the biggest batteries available that lasts for hours. It also has atleast 64GB storage. The one i have has 128GB storage so you have no problems at all needing to delete apps.

Samsung S7/S8/Note 8 phones will handle it really really well.

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