Best And Most Scenic Small Unknown Airports

What are the best small GA or Commercial airports in your opinion. There are the fun classics like Miami, LAX and JFK but What unknown airports are fun to fly into. I’ve grown to like some smaller airports in Florida like Pensacola and Key West, but even those are fairly well known. I’m sure there are many fun airports around the world and in the Western US that are stunning and fun to fly into


Just pick a random airport in the Alps or in the Rocky Mountains. I would suggest LOWS and KTEX

CYBA is one i recently discovered and i have to say, it’s a really beautiful airport right in the heart of the mountains. the views there are gorgeous.

KTEX is awesome, as is CYCG. One of my favorite short flights is CYVR to CYCG in the Dash-8!

Lukla I believe is right next to Everest. Preferably, get something that flies high if you’d like a good view, like a TBM

Not right next to it, but it’s the closest one.

Fun fact. Mount Everest is in China, not Nepal.

Change my mind

The border runs along summit, the majority of the mountain itself in is Nepal, also, the only way to summit Everest is through base camp, in Nepal. It is possible to summit through China, but I don’t think anyone has done it before.

You should definitely try out Paro airport (VQPR) which is located in a deep Valley.

This approach requires several manoeuvres that may not be easy but It’s fun to try. You also get a stunning view!

You must’ve seen Sam Chui’s video.

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One of my favorites since the XCub came out has been Orcas Island, KORS. Northwest of Seattle in the San Juan islands, it’s a short hop from Friday Harbor and a number of other small fields, and a slightly longer flight up to Vancouver. Located in a beautiful area too.

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