Best American route

Hi all,

Just wondering what the best and most fun American route is?

Love you all x

Are we talking short-haul, or long-haul?

3D or not cause? If you don’t care about 3D then I would say KDFW-KSEA American A321

3D would be KDEN-KSAN united 737–800

Or KOKC-KDCA American A320

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Sadly, not operated anymore, but American 777-300ER DFW to Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Hopefully it comes back soon

Bruh 🤣 now way

I would say Boston to Honolulu, it’s the longest “American” flight and you see the whole country

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KSEA-PAJN is my number 1 suggestion

Long Hauls:


I love to fly KSAN-KDCA and back

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Welcome to the community

Any route into Aspen is amazing.

I’m from Boston. Would be cool if the add the A332 and the Hawaiian livery

I enjoy flying KDCA-TXKF or KCLT-TXKF with either American A320 or American 737-800. Also try KMCO - KALB with jetBlue A320. Finally, I suggest KMCO - KABQ with American 737-800.

Denver - Chicago Midway Southwest B737-700
Both have Beutiful 3d

Yeah, as a Philly guy I would say our coolest route is to Seattle, you basically see the whole US with the Alaskan 737

I’m doing this one for SWVA later

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I’d say from Boston to San Francisco, but this might just be bias because I’m from Boston. Then NYC to LA