Best airports to farm landing

Hey my friend wants to farm landings, whats the most effective airport and aircraft to use for this?

obviously we’ll do it on casual

Chicago midway is a good one for these purposes


Airports with large parallel runways, or something with a weird ‘L’ shape like Novosibirsk in Russia (UUNT) will get some quick ways to get some figures of 8’s.


You can go for KEDW, it has 11 runways

Airports like EDDL, PGUA… are suitable for a more quality farming

Airports with the KSFO layout works also fine (Please do not try in KSFO)


KEDW, find the 30,000 foot runway, hop in an X-Cub, and farm them landings


Ok but guys, what’s the definition of a landing in IF? I can’t just hop up and down with them wheels and get like 10 landings in 10 secs

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I think KEDW is the best if you’re looking to farm. No doubt. Hop in a fighter and do some touch and goes down at Naval Air Station Key West, it’s a beautiful and fun way to get landings and some practice in!


Every 30 seconds the wheels can touch the ground

Litterly any airport just do very tight patterns 😅

See this perfect definition of landing

A detail, you need to be at least 30 second airbone


I am not sure how the sim classifies landings anymore. I know you cannot just bounce to receive them. You actually have to climb or maneuver somehow.

Interesting fact, this is verified? I’ve been looking for that answer for years. Lol

Hop in an SR22 at KEDW. You’ll get them in no time.

KDEN is a good one. You can just make circles around the airport by turning 90° to the right.

You could fly around the southern Bay Area. Airports like KSJC, KRHV, KNUQ, KPAO, KSQL, and E16 are all fairly close to each other. You could tour around the South Bay while also getting landings

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KEDW in a 172, SR22, or TBM930. You can get 20 landings in half an hour.

I usually go to KPHX in an F22 in casual and do some landings, works for me

EHAM. If you go to Amsterdam airport (obviously on the casual server), take off runway 18L and touch and go 36L back to touch and go to 18L. Normally the weather is quite subtle so you should be fine.

LPPT, it has a infinity route to fly, it works very good