Best airports for Touch-and-Gos

Hey community,
I am a grade 3 pilot going on 4, and I am looking for an ariport to boost my landings. Any suggestions?


Go to EGLL!

Take of from 27L and bank sharply to the right and land on 9L!
Best way to get XP.


Try airports with cross runways, such as PHOG, that way you can get twice the amount of landings in the same time.


I would suggest small municipal airports with only one runway or two parallel, some airports I do T&Gs at are KCHO,KTTD and KBFI

I tried Las Vegas. Is there a series of super small airports that all make one big loop?

Edwards dry lake bed


South east Florida has airports that are quite close to each other, and with runways that are in the same direction. Try takings off from KMIA, and flying in a zig-zag pattern, doing a T&G as you go by the airports.

Also Key West is like that too you can fly lots of touch and goes there

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Find a tabletop runway. Always fun.
Few i can suggest is mangalore and shimla in India.

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Hope that is on casual server only. Still not advised even there.

Uhh, why? Casual is Casual!
There are no rules on casual, so its the bets place do it. Everyone does this there.

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Well you won’t have the risk of violations or ghostings


I know, that’s why I said it should be done on Casual! ;)


I always use “Aircraft-Carrier-Style-Airports”.
Meigs Field KCGX, alternative Gibraltar LXGB.

To get myself landings
I go to KPHX casual in a f22,
firewall engines and throttle and take-off,
do some hard turns and also lower throttles for landing,
touchdown for 10 seconds at like 180 knots then ram throttles up again and repeat the steps from fire-walling the engines

Any with only one runway. Eflp

I personally love KORD, with a billion parallel runways, a couple crosswind runways, mostly calm winds and barely any traffic on casual, I can do sharp banking and dive bombing in a TBM and get around 50 landings in an hour. Gotta grind for grade 4!

I often use KLAX on casual lol. Like EGLL takeoff in an XCUB, bank sharply and land :)

KCLT on casual in a TBM/C208

Do what @AlphaSeven said but inlcude a 3rd runway.

KNRC on casual in any aircraft (preferably fighter or GA)