Best airports for crosswinds and low visibility

What airports in IF have low visibility or high winds frequently, I want to fly into some of these airports even though I can’t get the APPR to work 😂

It depends on the weather, but I recommend fly in the area(s) where Hurricane Dorian is.
You can also check this link below for areas with wind.


I don’t know why I didn’t think of that 🤦‍♂️ Miami here I come 😂

Or you can go to solo and mess with the winds and such👍 and have bad winds low visibility at any airport you desire 👍


If you want to practice with winds and specific settings you can do tons of things in solo or like said above you can use and can explore and go to really windy areas and when the hurricane comes to land you can fly there. :P is also helpful in this regard.


Many island airports will have more wind than land-locked airports. That’s because of friction in the planetary boundary layer.

Airports normally/usually have runways aligned to the climatological wind direction. So it will be tough, but you can find island airports with greater than normal crosswind. Princess Juliana International (SXM or better known TNCM), is one airport that often has crosswinds. It’s also a beautiful airport to depart or arrive in. Or, you can go to solo and set your own wind for practice. The choice is yours.

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San Francisco is known for the fog, they named the fog Karal…

Look on the weather channel and look for storms. Go fly there.

Does Infinite Flight actually use weather like it is in real life?

There is no specific airport that would be considered the “best”. The link that BluePanda included would be your best source to utilize for what it is you’re wanting to do.