Best Airport for Hurricane Laura?

hi hi, odd question, but question to everyone is will you be flying into Hurricane Laura, and if so, what is the best airport to depart to get hit the hardest with? Missed the last major hurricane and wanna have some fun with wing flex and this one.

Also, @ Laura, please don’t destroy southern USA 😃


Anywhere East of Houston, Texas is the current location of the hurricane. I’d suggest flying out of one of the Houston airports into the airport. Download the helpful weather tracking app below if you want to get a more specific and current status on hurricane Laura and weather around the world.


Laura suggested KLCH to see her evil twin.


I would recommend doing this somewhere other than the Training and Expert server. I just spawned into a hurricane airport on ES and was slapped with an aerobatics violation :)

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Also, you could check this thread out for updates and informations:

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Alright, thanks! I’ll be sure to have fun going insane. Nothing unusual for me.

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