Best airport and aircraft for touch and goes

I would like to know as i really want to hit tho use higher grades.

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Try to use a small GA aircraft for this, preferably at an airport that isn’t crowded.

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For this usually use the cirrus 22 and go to KTNT in the south FL reigon not a lot of traffic there and the runway is nice and long it’s easy to get alot of touch and goes in.

KOSH has multiple runways to choose from and is quite scenic.


I live 15 mons away from KOSH

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I would say C208 or a318.

for touch and goes, I like circulating between KSAN and MMTJ

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Any prop aircraft. Sydney YPEC.

It seems silly as it’s unrealistic but I take off from London Heathrow 27R then get to 1000ft on final and turn and dive so I can land on the runaway 09R I keep doing this its quick and easy to do as long as the aircraft is small like the A321, I only do it when there aren’t many people on the server

Use a citation at Oakland

Try a Super D at KORD. You have a million runways to choose from. 16, to be more exact.

A320 at KOAK. Takeoff from runway 12 do an immediate left bank to the small runway. Touch and go on that then left bank back to 12 and repeat!

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In real-life, there are those that advocate against performing “touch-and-goes”, due to mistakes that can be made whilst having to quickly reconfigure for takeoff.

Instead, I would suggest finding a quiet place away from others to perform “stop-and-goes”.

If you’re operating anything larger than the typical GA aircraft found within IF, then I would suggest performing only “full-stops”.

If you’re just merely field-hopping from field-to-field, then by all means you can “touch-and-go” to your little heart’s content. :)

As for aircraft, the most essential basics are gained from experience in top-wing aircraft, before moving on to low-wing, tail-draggers, multi-engine, etc.

Don’t just perform touch-and-goes for the XP alone, consider the flight time you’ll gain along with the landing-XP.
Don’t spoil the benefit of actual “experience” that each landing provides.

Have fun with it, practicing how you’ll configure the aircraft for different scenarios, such as being too low/high or for crosswind-considerations.
Instances where providing cross-control inputs such as the “crab”, “side-slip”, “forward-slip”, “side-slip-to-landing” should all be realized and practiced whenever given the chance.

What can be learned dabbling with your typical Cessna, can be extrapolated and applied to most other aircraft. :)


spitfire a PHDH in the Hawaii region is good. if you do loads of smooth landings you could earn up to 4000XP in 1 hour

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Use the CCX at Metro Oakland

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