Best airplanes

The plane I butter the most, I know it’s good. 😉

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Same here, the A350 flies like an angel and it’s so easy to land, plus it has a huge range allowing you do those ultra long haul flights, its just so good.


Mannnnn the 737 part you mentioned is sooo true like its such a beautiful plane I’d consider it the king of regional flights, nice cockpit, fairly new features compared to many other planes, but doesn’t have a reworked engine sound I bet you 737 would be almost as popular as the A350 if it did have the engine sound but the same could probably be said for the A350 (if both planes had engine sounds the A350 would prob stay more popular). Also whoever mentioned the A333 as a very buttery plane, thats very true I’ve seen many people landing it in IF and it just feels so smooth, imagine after the rework. Btw about the 717, is it actually a good plane or are you guys joking I can’t tell lol I never really flew it but I’m guessing its horrible.

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Yeah man, the 737 is my favorite. I’m supposed to be switching from Delta’s 737 to Delta’s 757/767, but I just can’t seem to leave the 737 alone 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

A310 A330 family A350
B777 B747

I don’t know why IF tracker does this it’s so annoying as I try to look on the map and all/majority off the aircraft are avros😂

The 747-8 is a dream to fly once you get used to it, same with the 787.

For me I’ve always found that the airbus aircraft in game just handle horribly. Although it won’t be surprising if it’s accurate.

But yeah the most up to date planes are the best to fly.

To put it short,

You need to land nose wheel first in the 717, any slower than 130 knots and you stall.

With the rework !

You meant A320 right ? ^^

I agree with the A320 family part, not with the DH4

C17, F16, Dc10, C-130, A-10, F-22, F-18.
Anything military.

717 is a masterpiece

A310 really

It’s not on IF… @CptRuben

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