Best airplanes

I started trying out other aircraft, and I wanted to know in your opinion, which planes fly the best in IF in regards to physics, and which ones I should avoid. Like, are there some planes that have a problem with them that would alter the way its supposed to fly? I know the 757 before the update was horrible, but its really good now. I kinda want to fly the a340 and 767 but don’t know if they function just as good or almost as good like the most up-to-date planes eg. A350, 737, 757, 777, etc.


The 717.

Jk of course, the A350 probably has the best imo.

Seriously though. The 717 is great once you learn it.


What are your opinions on the 767, A340, and the 747? Do they function acceptably?

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Well, all the recently reworked or recently added aircraft will be best. And older aircraft, maybe last updated in 2018 you could avoid, even though it won’t really matter, as long as the aircraft is in the air it should be fine.

There is also a database on aircraft and their profiles including takeoff and landing.

747 and 767 are pretty good a340 not so sure.

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The 747 was last updated in 2014 I think, it wasn’t that bad when I tried it, and thats a couple years off 2018.

Of course the C17, 767, A340 and A380

Jokes aside it’s the 777 family A350 and 757

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The A350 is amazing, with engines sound and cabin and others it would clearly end others airplanes careers.

The reworked B757 is so cool to cruise (not to land and not to take off). The B77W (+ B777 fam) is truly cool as well !

Finally the A320 (+ fam) is good to fly with, very easy indeed !

B767 ain’t it.

It’s the easiest to land of all widebodies. Agreed


@Pinecone is correct. The 717 is the best airplane once you learn it.

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Yup, despite not having some features of 2020 reworked aircrafts, the A350 stays one of the most flown aircrafts :)

The A320 too !

Source : fpltoif => server stats

Wait, the Avrocar really is in IF?

Boeing 767 - The 767 is doable once you get the trim together. I’ve actually had some very smooth landings in the 767.

Boeing 717 - The 717 is one of the toughest planes I’ve ever flown. Even with trim and flaps configured, I still haven’t managed to grease it 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’ve had some landings that weren’t greased but were fairly smooth for the 717 though. The best I’ve done is probably -500fpm. It’s not bad but not great neither.

Airbus A380/A340 - These aircraft are a little challenging, but not terrible. Once you have the right trim, you’d have a nice landing. Not necessarily a greased, but a landing on the smoother side.

Boeing 757 - I think that this aircraft was nicely reworked. It flies so much better and it looks better than it used to. The only thing that I don’t like are the sounds of the engines (once they’re started or idling) and the sensitivity of the rudder. You add a little rudder, and the plane starts to lean. Other than that, very beautiful plane.

Boeing 737 - The 737 is my baby!!! I really love the 737 but there are a few things that bother me. One, I wish that the 737 got real engine sounds like the 777 or the 757. Even though it sounds mostly accurate, I would love to have the actual sound of an engine start of the CFM engines. Also, the sound of the flaps. I wish that infinite flight would add the correct sounds of flap adjustments on ALL of their planes.

Airbus A350 - What can I say? The A350 is a great aircraft. I would love it if we could utilize that empty screen on the far left or right of the cockpit though 🤷🏾‍♂️

Boeing 777 - The triple 7 is a cool plane to fly. I don’t use it in actual flights, but I have done some playing around in it. Very nice plane

Overall, Infinite has done a fairly decent job with their aircraft. Live cockpits, reworked physics, sound packs, and a few other things are the only thing that I’m really wanting added to the game. The 3D airports are nice, but I would’ve preferred more reworks first, but that’s just me 🤷🏾‍♂️


You’re spot on with that assessment @TheGlobalAviator

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Best: A333 and B789(super butter); 752,A359 and 777 series(good physics)

Worst: 717 and C17

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737 family , A320 family and DH4 are easiest to fly imo

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No, are you serious

I hate landing that thing with flaps 35

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Can’t imagine how b u t t e r the A330 will be after the rework


F35 is typically used for runways with steep approaches or runways =<6000 feet or less (think YTZ/LCY), most operators use F15 for normal operations though

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I know, I rarely use 35
But the physics are weird even without full flaps

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