Best Airplane Model to Purchase

Hello everyone. I am looking at buying some airplane models in the future. What are some good airplane model brands that are good quality and affordable? Thanks!

Not the most affordable in general price, becuase they require high quality human design, is Gemini Jets. Here are 3 that I own.

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I dont mind talking about lego (mainly technic @rebal15, if you know what set that dumper truck is from 😜)


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You might have some trouble getting Gemini jets right now… 😬

Several of my friends have them, there very good though.


Why would you have trouble?

They’ve temporarily stopped production.


yea i’ve looked at prices and they’re pretty expensive

Oh dear, I was thinking of making a model airport…

Mainly you can find them through Ebay and Amazon. They do have a website but they use their personal kind of stock only. So they only have a few of each aircraft if that.

I got my AC 787 through Amazon, and the Emirates from a flight museum in London.

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@Ecoops123, sorry, back on topic😂

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I’d assume they have some backlog of already made planes, so I would hazard to guess you can still acquire most of there models for the time being, but they have had to stop production because the factory they were using in China is temporary shut down…

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Do you know the general price range on Amazon for any model?

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I think they were about £30-ish on average for a 1:400 size.

Between £40 and £50 (or your relevant currency)

Oh that’s not bad compared to some of the prices I saw on their website.

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Yeah in their website they are a bunch more expensive. And also @rebal15 you were actually correct, they were £40-£50 on average. I don’t really know this in dollars. About $50-65.


Yep indeed. They are worth it though (if you’re into that kind of thing.)

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Yea I should be able to do some digging around and find some with a reasonable price.

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Gemini jets stopped production temporarily due to the coronavirus, but i’m sure it will be back up soon.

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