Best Airplane Controlling Unit

Hello all, many aircraft manufacturers have their own unique ways to control the aircraft’s pitch and roll. Yokes, flight sticks, etc. Which control, in your opinion, is the best?

Classic Yoke

Best known manufacturers that use it are Boeing, Cessna, and Bombardier.
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Most known for being used by Airbus. Also used by Cirrus.
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Center Flight Stick

Used in most fighter jets and in most ultralights.
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Embraer Yoke

As the name suggests, used by Embraer airplanes.
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May the best win!

  • Classic Yoke
  • Sidestick
  • Center Flight Stick
  • Embraer Yoke

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Definitely the classic yoke. It actually feels like your doing something, and it’s safer in my opinion as both pilots can see what the other one is doing. I don’t like how such small movements can control an aircraft and bigger movements are more precise in my opinion. It’s mainly personal preference and sometimes even the type of aircraft (good luck fitting a big chunky yoke inside a fighter jet or an ultralight.)

I love the sidestick! I have better control with it.

I have mixed feelings about all of them as all of them have benefits.

Yes, the only downside about a yoke is that you don’t have room for a tray table as you do on an Airbus. I do feel as though I have more control over the plane with a classic yoke.

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yokes will always be superior

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Im weird. I prefer yokes over sidesticks but prefer Airbus over Boeing. Lets not talk about Boeing and Airbus in general before we get a heated debate.

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Yokes will always be the best. They give you precise control, unlike sidesticks, which feel less precise.


What? fill

I can provide some input here.

Having flown on aircraft with a center stick and a yoke, I can tell you that it is entirely up to personal preference.

That being said, I strongly prefer the classic yoke. It feels “hefty” and I feel like I have much more control over the aircraft, not to mention it is not awkwardly placed.

Then again, many people have preferences based on limited experience. You can’t weigh in if you don’t have extensive experience with it. I have flown about 20 hours with a center stick and 40+ with a yoke. I can’t comment on any of the others. The one exception being spoken to yoke pilot who had flown sidestick aircraft and they greatly preferred the yoke (won’t mention manufactures to avoid starting a useless argument).

So there’s my two cents.


Yes, there does seem to be a lot more control with the yoke.

About 100hrs in the Cessna range 152/172 and same again in a robin. stick is far superior in my view. It’s much more responsive and handles with more finesse. Occasionally il jump back in a Cessna or warrior with yoke and it feels like untidy flying. Once you go stick you dont go back ☺️

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Yolk fanboy.

Hate hate Embraer yolk. Puts a lot of stress on the arm muscle in a weird way (only heavily noticable in xwind situation). It almost seems abnormal.

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I’d think you’d like the Embraer yoke, considering your username.

Yeah, Embraers have their strong points, but the yolk design is utter crap. That said, most don’t share my view on it. Haha!

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Cyclic are where it’s at can I get an Amen?

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The yoke will always rein superior.
To me, it’s the best.

If it aint a yolk you’ll go broke ;)

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Apparently I’m the only one that likes the Embraer yoke 🙁🤣

The side stick seems to be far more popular for new and modern aircraft nowadays. That being said, I’m not a pilot so I have based my decision on what seems easiest to use.