Best Airlines For Customer Service

Independent rates 7 best airlines for customer service. No surprise that united wasnt anywhere near the standard. Although shocked to see southwest up there considering there a low cost carrier.

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Out of all the airlines that I’ve flown with (United, American, jetBlue, Spirit(eww), Southwest, Delta, and Spirit), I can honestly say that Southwest and jetBlue are the best when it comes to Customer Service. It seems that low-cost airlines provide better customer service than major airlines.


I agree with Southwest, they’ve always been great when I’ve flown with them. Delta also has a solid track record in my book as well.


I’ve flown a lot and always enjoyed flying with them. I have not flown with Southwest but I am alwaya hearing great things about them so I’m not surprised to see them make the list.

From what I’ve seen, Southwest is really active in Social Medias in replying to complaints from their passengers. So it doesn’t come into a surprise if they are one of the best customer service among other airlines in the world

Interestingly, none of East Asian airlines are on the list. I have to acknowledged that many Asian airlines are really poor in Ground Services (Customer Service)


True! Delta is great, I’ve never had a problem with them. They’re just too expensive (most of the time). A flight from DTW to SJU is $350 with Delta and only $200 with jetBlue. jetBlue has pretty good benefits as well like free Wi-Fi and DirecTV.

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Southwest is GREAT! I’ve flown with them 8 times and will be flying with them again later this month, and I’ve never had an issue!

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I agree. Both airlines have great customer service :)

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United is the best, JK:-)


United may not have been the best at any time but I am looking forward to them pulling out of this rut of theirs.

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I have flown United many times and haven’t had a problem.

… Uuuuuuntil it comes to Ryanair.

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Where’s Emirates 😱…

With my experience of flying either British airways or Virgin Atlantic.

Southwest is a great airline and me and my family have been flying on them for a few years now

United Airlines is the best. Especially when you get a free drag of the plane. You never experience that from other airlines:) lmfao jkjk

Virgin America I would say is the best. They care about their customers and makes the experience of flying 10X greater. I would definitely reccomend flying them before they will be gone in 2019 when Alaska Airlines takes over them lmfao;)

TBH united airlines is fine. Its just that indecent that brought their reputation down. I would say normally, their staff are friendly. The flights that I was on, all the staff (flight attendants, gate agents) were really nice. They handled an overbook situation very professionally. Also there weren’t enough overhead spaces one time, and they handled it great. No dragging your bags off the flight and trowing if out of the plane ;)

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Greene air is the best in customer experience and satisfaction

imo air new zealand have the best crew and customer service but its not going to get attention on international media. Flown Air New Zealand many times never had 1 bad experience not once.