Best airline to fly domestic in America

As a family we are planning on going to the US West coast after my GCSE next summer. We would fly into San Francisco and do some stuff round there and fly to LA for a few days and fly back from there. Who is the best internal carrier to do this flight and what is the length. (Price isn’t an issue)


From where though?

I highly suggest JetBlue or Southwest. Depends on the origin.


I like Delta the most.



Oh, but what about the flight before?

Anyway, I recommend Southwest in that case. Great for a short trip like that.

If you want JetBlue, you’ll have to go into Long Beach, which I wouldn’t see a problem with, but if you must go into LAX, then do Southwest.

The best airline in the U.S. is Delta with Virgin America not to far behind… but to just go from San Francisco to LAX you can just go with Southwest.

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The flight before would be from Gatwick or Heathrow. Any ideas for that leg. That’s outbound to KSFO and inbound to KLAX

The flight is about an hour and a half according to a search I just did. Not too bad length if you wanted to go with a cheaper airline, although booking on with a regular carrier may be better in this instance because you would probably have some hold luggage to contend with.

AA/BA and DL/VS offer multi city tickets so you could book all three flights in one ticket too.

That raises a good question. How much baggage? Southwest allows two checked bags free per customer. JetBlue however, charges per bag.

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It would probably depend on how much we could get away with. most likely one 25KG bag each

Southwest only allows bags a little under that weight for free.

My vote is always southwest, I use them often. I would also recommend your family look at Oakland as an option when comparing itineraries. It’s right across the bridge from SFO, easily accessible by public transit, and can be less hectic to navigate. It’s also right over by Berkeley which I would think your family should enjoy while you’re there.

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we could squeeze it in i’m sure. if we were flying out with BA would AA be a good airline to go from KSFO to KLAX

Im sure we will look into it. who flies from Oakland?

AA is horrible, IMO. I would try to avoid it

surely it would be better for miles and Avios points, or is it that bad that it really isn’t worth it

To be honest I wouldn’t recommend aa for that one. I’ve used them cross-country when prices are good, but imo they’re more of a hassle than southwest. SW is known for being very user-friendly; cheaper, more comfortable, better policies, friendly, etc. for a short flight it is likely a better option. To each their own though

I live in southern cal and fly that route several times a year, nice easy flight

I have no idea of the benefits of the points, but the seats are very cramped.

With points i think we could probably get a free business class flight on a length like that