Best Airline Seat/suite design.

Which Airline Do You Think Has The Best Seat Design?
Airline seat/seat designs are one of the most important things regarding service and comfort, airlines try their best to make you feel at home with great service, IFE and comfort.
Comfort is essential on long haul flights, getting a good night’s sleep on a flight to wake up at your destination is what most passengers aim to do therefore comfort in the design of the seat/suite is very important.

My opinion
In my opinion, Etihad and emirates offer the best comfort regarding seats and beds.
They are very spacious and comfortable for those really long flights.
They offer an extraordinary amount legroom beyond the seat to either place your feet or put some of your belongings there.
Not only their seats are great, but their inflight restrooms offer showers and more!


Emirates First Class Suite

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Emirates Restrooms and shower

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If you would like to find out more about emirates suites please click the link below!


Etihad First Class Suite

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These first class suites are extremely comfortable and nice but they come at quite a big price tag.
Depending on the route, the price will change.

Slightly Cheaper costing First Class Seats
British Airways has always been my favourite airline regarding everything.
For first class, British Airways offers a big and comfortable seat.
It can adjust from takeoff position to a full flat bed.
The controls to adjust your seat are very easy to move which make it effortless to make yourself comfortable.
Overall, British Airways offers a brilliant seat design and is easy to use making your experience effortless.


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If you would like to find out more about British Airways First Class Click The Link Below!

What do you think?


I think for me it would have to be Emirates for the first class suite. But the nicest place to fly out of any airline is Etihads the residence.


Yes the residence is beautiful 😀

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I believe no one can beat Air France’s La Premierè’s Seats. It’s simple yet elegant ❤. It’s really unfortunate that Air France decided to cut CGK-SIN sector which was among the first to get these new seats

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I have to agree with you, that is a wonderful seat 😀👍👌🏻


I belive BA is updating their first class, their 787 first class looks amazing!

Avianca 787 - 8 Business Class


Beautiful design! Airlines these days are going great regarding design and service 😀👍👌🏻

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I’m one of the LOLpoors…show me the economy seating since that’s where I (and the vast majority of travelers) will be sitting 😂😂


That is a good topic idea! Thanks for the suggestion😃

I need a little legroom, a window, beverage service and a travel pillow. For the cost of the Emirates apartment I could get my instrument and multi ratings.


Very true, they are costy suites. That is the bad thing about them.

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This beautiful cabin. I mean, that yellow is absolutely gorgeous. The ads on the overhead bins just compliment the whole look as well. By far better than Emirates.


Qatar’s new Super Business Class

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Dude that looks rubbish. Ryanair is where it’s at


I think nothing can beat the Singapore Airlines Suites

I don’t have any pics at the moment 😬

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Here, I’ll help you 😉

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I’m looking forward for the retrofitted ones on 5 Newer A380-800s with 2-2 seatings on Upper Deck. I wish it can be better than the current one ❤


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