Best Airline from the 80s

Today (again…) I founded a rare treasure of an USA airline from the 1980s the most of aviation havent talked or seen about.

Best airlines was a very small airline that run about 3 years from 1983-1986 which is pretty short but there other shorter lived airlines out there in our world, It was based in Cincinnati Northern airport and has a Fleet of DC-9-15 which is the short variant of the DC-9 Family (its so adorable…) and goes to destinations BUF, DTW, BDl, PHL, GSO, RDU, ROC, ESF, ATL, CLE, DFW, SYR so mostly in the midwest and east coast

This airline is pretty much the same as other defunct airline in the 80s since its mostly because its unpopular or merged, but not really sure since in WIKI it doesnt show much why it was gone and there was no ICAO, IATA and callsign with it also

thats all for today hope you learned some of it see ya


Was I the only one expecting a tone of different airlines from the 80’s and not expecting a Best Airline.

Still a great thread defiantly learned somthing new



BTW my favorite is Pan AM

Anyway thanks @GameBoy_KIRB for this slice of info i didnt know!

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Yes personally the name “Best Airline” is everywhere if it’s Pan Am or TWA or mostly popular ones in the 80s

Nice pun with the title there. Didn’t know about Best Airlines until now, thanks for posting!

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Yeah I couldn’t think of a better title since the airline is called “Best Airlines” but I think a pun will do

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