Best airline Economy Class

Vote for your favourite airlines economy product

  • British Airways
  • Virgin Atlanic
  • Emirates
  • Etihad
  • Qatar
  • American
  • Qantas
  • Singapore
  • Delta
  • Air France

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Sorry if this is a duplicate I searched.

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I don’t understand why “Economy Product” is.

As aleays you forgot Lufthansa… ;)

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And Cathay

Economy product is the most common class it is usually referred as coach. It is the cheapest hence why it is referred as economy

Get outta here. You forgot United!


You forgot Air Koryo


You forgot about Turkish Airlines

I’ve honestly only ever flown on Delta and American out of the choices on this list. I guess that makes the vote easier.

Etihad is really good, it was on a A332, and I also went on Emirates A332 and it was terrible.

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I’ve never flown in any of them, so yeah…

Who voted for 3-4-3 on the 777’s for best economy?

I liked ANA the best. They gave you free cup noodles, a tv with a camera so you can look under the plane, and a puzzle! And it was only a 3 hour domestic flight!

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The problem with Emirates is that the A380 economy is amazing the best but any other aircraft is pretty bad

Well I go both for Delta and Qatar. I flew once in Qatar economy and it was nice. Same with the Delta A330 Dublin to Atlanta was very nice and the flight attendants were nice to me and my little brother.

Hes talking about economy not first class

Garuda!!! Where are they!

Qatar is the best according to Skytrax compared to everything else on the poll