Best Airline Commercials Of All Time

Just go to Youtube, find the video, copy the link provided in the search bar, then go to the forum and start a message and click paste, then hit reply

It’s so true!

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That’s hilarious! Yeah there probably wouldn’t be enough for everybody but non-avgeeks don’t realize that lol

This one is really funny. Lufthansa embracing all the German stereotypes (no offense any Germans on here).

This one is more of a joke but it is still true for some airlines.

Being from Minneapolis, I got to have a Sun Country commercial in here 😉.


Commercial 1: “we’re flying with the Germans??” lol

Commercial 2:"In the event in air pressure, an oxygen mask will drop down." Ummmmmmmmm…who changed the air pressure…lolol not to mention their slogan…“what other choice do you have?”

Commercial 3: Thanks for providing my next idea for SCVA! lol we’ll see. We’ll Try not to make it that boring… ;)

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This Philippine Ailrines ad from 1986, when it was in the peak of its operations. Too bad they got hit in 1997.


Sure this makes you smile.


Find this one very satisfying.


He’s cool! I didn’t know he did airline commercial too! Thanks for that @Owain_G

Can’t believe I have to wait for 42 hours to like a post!

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This is definitely number one, fits perfectly for holiday season.

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This one is my second favorite, there’s something special in the air :)

And of course, who could forget about this Southwest classic.

Or this one! Cracks me up. #FeesDontFly


If only I wasn’t out of likes…haha love those commercials!

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