Best Airline Commercials Of All Time

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still love this


This ones good.


All the ATA commercials from 20 years ago…


Gotta love when he tries to turn the water on LOL

There are some great ones in here:

That’s such a Virgin America type commercial lol

Hahaha, thats for sure!

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The song got stuck in my head for awhile after hearing it.

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How do you post a video on this I only know how to do pictures?

Copy and paste the link

Southwest has tons of funny ones.

One of my favorite:


Here it comes… But I’ll put a warning

STATUTORY WARNING: This video might irritate certain cricket fans (especially the English). Watch it if you are willing to put your mood at risk.

Lufthansa made this:

2 Likes I know this is an old one but it’s so funny!

This one is by far the best!

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I only know how to do the link how do you guys put the video like that because I don’t know

Just go to Youtube, find the video, copy the link provided in the search bar, then go to the forum and start a message and click paste, then hit reply

It’s so true!

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That’s hilarious! Yeah there probably wouldn’t be enough for everybody but non-avgeeks don’t realize that lol

This one is really funny. Lufthansa embracing all the German stereotypes (no offense any Germans on here).

This one is more of a joke but it is still true for some airlines.

Being from Minneapolis, I got to have a Sun Country commercial in here 😉.