Best aircraft you have had the perfect landing with

Lot 737-800 from EGLL to EPWA. Probably one of my smoothest landings yet.

KWAW doesnt exist :l EPWA for correction

With the new rework it will be even better!

I’d say the A380. One of the reasons why I love it is because it handles really well and is big solid machine which helps with winds. Touching down first wheel, then second, then third is also so satisfying.

Before the quality standards were raised, the 340 and 380 were butter machines!

Nowadays, its gotta go to the 350 and 777, they’re both beautiful aircraft and i’m addicted to flying them.

Probably the a320 and 737-800, but I master the new planes with gear tilt too.

My personal best is -3fpm on the A321, ( proof if you dont belive me ;) ( Smoothest Landings - Ranking) , the A321 being a plane that i always butter.

The MD11 is in a close second place, along with the 772!

A320 the A350 and 777’s also i like the A-10 🛬

A320 and A350

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B739, B772 and A359 :)

For me it‘s the A320 Fam., A330 and B777

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The a320 family, a350, 737 and 777. But definitely the a350 is the best plane to butter with


The best landing is with the 737-800 Butters like silk


A350, the gear so smooth and stable

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For me, the best of all is the A319. Just love flying/landing it!

The A330. Had an absolute butter with it at KLAX once,- 60fpm

Surprisingly the dash-8

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Oh wow really

Yeah, I am in VirtualPorter and we only fly dash-8’s and I’ve gotten to learn the aircraft very well.

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