Best Aircraft for Private Flying?

I know I’ve made a topic like this about the Citation vs CRJ but what do you think the best aircraft in general for private flying in IF? I’ve been looking into the 737-700 BBJ but I thought I would ask here. Thanks. I’m looking for a plane with good range, a decent amount of space, and a good design. Thanks.

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Mm, I would take off the CRJ off your list as that is a regional aircraft with a smaller fuel capacity limit. The citation holds more then 5 hours of jet fuel so medium-long hauls flying corporate is your best bet.

You can fly the CCX 12+ hours in IF.


I love the Citation. Sometimes the 208 too.

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Would the 737-700 BBJ be good for private flying too?

It really depends on where you want to go and what aircraft you’re more comfortable with.

I want to do longer flights with a more comfortable cabin

A318 or the MD-11 Private livery for me, I don’t like the way the CX reacts to turns, especially when you try turn off the runway and you tip and get a huge wing strike.

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That could be because your going to fast when exiting the runway. I feel that the CCX is a better bet for you corporate flying due to the fact that it can land at most airport in the U.S. all international and most regional airports. The MD-11 is good for range and space(in a way) but it’s a little big for what it would be used for.

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There are corporat crjs

There is no answer to your question. There is no one size fits all aircraft. It depends on your route


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