Best affordable devices to play IF on

Hi guys, i got a little problem. I really wanna play IF again since i haven’t done it since last summer. The issue is that my dad also uses the ipad (8th generation) and it also has only a max storage of 32GB (now already 31GB filled up😭). So my question to you guys is. What tips do you have for affordable iPads or other devices to play on. Or maybe the best option is expand the storage on the ipad, because my dad uses it, but not all that much that i can never play.
I hope you guys can help me…
Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Check out this thread! You can choose between different devices and compare them with one another.

iPad Pro 10.2 inch is a fairly cheap iPad as you can get one for around $270. I’ve heard it runs Infinite Flight smoothly and I’ve heard little to no complaints about it. I have an iPad Air Gen 3 and it has its flaws but it runs Infinite Flight fairly well. It all depends on what your budget is really and how much you’re willing to spend on a device to run Infinite Flight. You also don’t need an iPad just to run the game. If you have a phone that can most likely run the game depending on which phone you have. Just know this. The cheaper the device, the worse it is most of the time. You can also try to find some used/refurbished devices online also. Those are usually fairly cheap but I’m
not sure how well some of them run.

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You can check for refurbished iPads or phones if you’re in the US

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