Best advice or tools for avoiding turbulence

Hello everyone! I’m currently flying from Honolulu to Anchorage and have encountered severe turbulence at all of my flight path altitudes. I’m wondering if there’s any way to at least make the turbulence less nauseating for my passengers or if there’s any online tools to look at wind or turbulence amounts around the world. Thanks in advance!



This is normal in Infinite flight, on Infinite Flight it usually turbulance agressively, If there’s high winds.

And i think the turbulance in real life is normal.

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I know but I’m wondering if there’s a way to avoid it. It’s based on real world weather after all.

Try to plan your flight with, that should work

There’s information of winds and other stuff.


This will help. Thank you!


how severe is the turb?

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Maybe try planning your flight using SimBrief, they have weather charts which you can analyze and try to climb over the turbulence.


Plane is rolling side to side about 5° and the wings are flapping like a bird


Hey @JayJayAviation, hope your plane came to PANC in one piece and your passengers where unhurt (physically)! HAHA! I’ve know a number of AK-HI flights to deviate around such weather by as much as +500 miles East and West for future reference - even happened to my flight once about same time in the year last year IRL. Also, one should almost always expect some turbulence on approach and especially on final (Rwy 07L/R) at PANC.


The turbulence on approach up to 1000ft was in beyond the operating limit of the aircraft lol! Once I passed 1000ft it completely died though so it was all good. Thanks for the response!

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Are you talking about the AP?

No I mean the crosswind limit for the 737-900 with scimitars. Think it’s around 33kts

You should also look out for jetstreams on the high level wind charts as well. These streams will possibly have alot of Clear Air Turbulence and could potentially damage the A/C

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