Best A319 window seat

Hello everyone! in August we are flying a Delta A319 from MSP-MIA. I was wondering what is the nicest window seat in the main cabin? I have flown in frontiers A319 and there was some misaligned windows. Thank you!

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Changed this to RWA for you and I would check this website below!

Always depends on what you want. If you have a tight connection go for the seat as far in the front as possible. For good wing view take row 19/20/21 (please check seat map of your airline).

From looking at the SeatGuru photo, i would say 20/21

If you want an engine view, in an A319 it’s not possible (fan blade engine view)
I’d reccomend by where the flaps are. You can hear those original Airbus sounds and the PTU ;)

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Yeah we have not tight connection KMIA is our finale destination. I would prefer a window seat with a good window position though :) also 20.21 are taken :(

Get seat 14/15, it should be a good view.

My other options left are 22-27

Get 22, I feel like that would be good.

I’d have a look on seat guru AND Delta’s website AND YouTube (make sure to look at the date posted and the flight date too on YouTube) I’ve found the best seats using ALL three. 😏

If you want to see minor wing-flex, then sit near the middle emergency exit row. Also, the G-forces are always fun during takeoff and landing!

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