Bessie Coleman (one of the pioneer in aviation' )

Bessie Coleman was born January 26, 1892 in Atlanta, Texas, and was killed in an air show April 30, 1926 in Jacksonville, Florida. After starting as cotton pickers and laundress in the American South, she became a pioneer in aviation’s early history. She moved to Chicago, where she attended the course in manicure, got a job at a hair salon and then a better paid job as director of a chilibar. Inspired by including Harriet Quimby daring flight over the English Channel, she decided to learn to fly. Because no flight school in the United States would accept her as a student, she studied French at an evening school and then traveled to the more liberal France. After seven months at the Ecole d’Aviation des Freres Caudron Le Cretoy she received the first pilot’s license ever issued to an African-American person of the Federation Internationale Aeronnautique. To earn money for the flying school for black women in the United States as she dreamed, she became art airmen and gave performances in the same sort of airborne circus arts Barnstormers. [1] At a rehearsal for such an exhibition she died.


Did a school project on her a while back.

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It’s great to read about a fantastic young lady and persevering aviator such as Bessie. Her love for aviation drove her persistence to obtain her pilots licenses even in the face of great opposition and segregation. Cheers to you, Bessie and may you be flying infinitely free.

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I saw the google doodle:)

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Me too that why for the first time I read her biography and posted here , she was unique .

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