Bermuda triangle

Ok in a simple statement
No matter where u fly, u won’t get shot down or disappear because of the place u are flying over
Being shot down and stuff is unrealistic and would be a terrible feature for IF


I’ve never watched his videos, doesn’t seem like content that would be useful with my time

Ehh I was bored. I haven’t watched one of his videos in a long time though. Let’s continue in PM as this is getting off topic

Same, many of his vids are stupid and pointless but some r kinda funny
I’m not really a fan

Ok guys let’s stop the hate. We can continue via PM if you guys would like. Not the best place to say it here.

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There’s always the option of turning the AP off and walking away from your device… May get a few violations but at least you can say you were a victim of the Bermuda Triangle.


Next time on bad advice lol


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