Bermuda triangle

If we fly in the Bermuda Triangle in IF. Will the plane like be lost or something?

Not at all.

You could pretend it does though…


No. I have flown over it many times. Amazing views though

Ganna say no on this one

Yes, on Casual server haha

Will you get shot if you land at Area 51. By the way, where is Area 51 in IF?

That answer is no, but you can simulate it by ending your flight over the Bermuda triangle

No, just because the place has a bad reputation about that doesn’t mean it will happen in IF
U will be completely fine , in fact Bermuda is a beautiful place to fly to

Answer is also no, I don’t remember where the airport is

Area 51 is where you’ll find area 51 in real life…

We don’t have those mechanics in IF yet…

You will not since we don’t have a combat mode

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What’s the name of the airport?

Also irl planes don’t get shot down in Area51

Swiss001 landed and got shot.

True, but you can someone on IFC to track you down in a F-22 if you would like haha

KXTA. That’s the code


No he didn’t get shot
I bet he just edited and stuff and made it look like it

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Don’t believe everything you see online bud


And Swiss has over 100k subscribers, so he knows how to photoshop. He made it look good though

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