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I’m about to conduct a flight to Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport, but apparently, in IF, it can’t handle a Boeing 747. Looking at the airport’s wikipedia page, you can see that the airport can handle widebody aircraft including the Boeing 747. Is the IF Tempelhof still able to handle a Boeing 747?


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Hey there.

It can’t really handle anything anymore. The airport was closed a few years ago and a large refugee camp was built on the northern apron.

The runways are not maintained anymore and the most traffic it sees now are joggers and their dogs lol.


I think them saying it can handle a 747 is meant like it is possible for a 747 to land and take off there, all the other aspects like available parking positions however are ignored. As far as I know there was one single time of a 747 actually landing in Tempelhof and that 747 was operated by the USAF in order to transport the president, which means it would get a special treatment whereever it went anyway

Thinking of what @Hendrik2003 said, another occasion worth mentioning was when the time an Airbus A380 did an emergency landing at WIII (Soekarno-Hatta, city of Jakarta) in 2012, in which the airport wasn’t equipped to handle it, but it landed there anyway. And No, Swiss 001 wasn’t the pilot!🤣

So depends on runway length as long as it’s sufficient for its class then it could, and it did, so have you checked whether the current EDDI airport still have the minimal rwy length for your type of 747? In the case of that A380 story it does - but since WIII airport don’t have the gate for it, Ground told it to go towards remote and so it was parked on some safe corner on the remote taxiway.

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Well, it is true that Berlin - Tempelhof Airport can take off & landing a B747

Opps, I mean


Pan Am usually used B727 & B747-100/200

I have been in Tempelhof Airport many times.

Credits are on the photo


That’s not what I asked.

They actually used those for regular flights? Now that’s something I did not know

Yes, Pam Am also used B747SP. Since Berlin was divided (East & West), Tempelhof was the first airport. Tegel was 2nd Airport.

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