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Berlin Brandenberg Airport


Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), officially named Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt, is Germany’s largest and most modern aviation hub. Despite its delayed opening in 2020, nearly a decade late, BER now integrates former Tegel and Schönefeld operations and can handle up to 45 million passengers annually. Featuring two long parallel runways, state-of-the-art sustainable design elements, and a plethora of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and free Wi-Fi, BER is a beacon of contemporary air travel. It is a critical node for Lufthansa and other global airlines, with robust public transport links and advanced passenger and cargo handling technologies, making it a pivotal gateway connecting Berlin to over 100 international and 20 domestic destinations.

Up-to-date airport diagram and airport NOTAMs for Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

European destinations
Origin Destination ramp assignment User
Berlin (BER) Paris (CDG) Government apron 1 stand 2
Berlin (BER) Frankfurt (FRA) Government apron 1 stand 5
Berlin (BER) Amsterdam (AMS) Government apron 1 stand 4
Berlin (BER) Brussels (BRU) Government apron 1 stand 3
Berlin (BER) Zürich (ZRH) Government apron 1 stand 1
Berlin (BER) Geneva (GVA) apron 2 stand 19 @Yukiros_31
Berlin (BER) Milan (MAD) apron 2 stand 21
Berlin (BER) Barcelona (BCN) apron 2 stand 22
Berlin (BER) Dublin (DUB) apron 2 stand 24 @TheBest
Berlin (BER) Copenhagen (CPH) apron 2 stand 27
Berlin (BER) Münich (MUC) apron 2 stand 28
Berlin (BER) Lisbon (LIS) apron 2 stand 29
Berlin (BER) Rome (FCO) apron 2 stand 30
Berlin (BER) Vienna (VIE) apron 2a stand 28
Berlin(BER) Sion Switzerland (SIR) apron 3 stand 32 @United403
Middle Eastern destinations
Origin Destination Russ assignment User
Berlin (BER) Dubai (DXB) apron 3 stand 33
Berlin (BER) Abu Dhabi (AUH) apron 3 stand 34
Berlin (BER) Doha (DOH) apron 3 stand 35
Berlin (BER) Riyadh (RUH apron 3 stand 36
Berlin (BER) Jeddah (JED) apron 3 stand 42
Berlin (BER) Kuwait City (KWI) apron 3 stand 42
Berlin (BER) Muscat (MCT) apron 3 stand 41
Berlin (BER) Bahrain (BAH) apron 3 stand 40
Berlin (BER) Tel Aviv (TLV) apron 3b stand 70 @D_Kio
Berlin (BER) Beirut (BEY) apron 3b stand 71
Berlin (BER) Amman (AMM) apron 3b stand 72
Berlin (BER) Dammam (DMM) apron 3b stand 73
Berlin (BER) Sharjah (SHJ) apron 3b stand 74

ATIS Ground/Tower Departure Center
@Capt_Zelaya @Capt_Zelaya

  • For an on-time departure, spawn in 15 to 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

  • If ATC is unavailable, we ask that you respect all rules and pilots when flying and please use Unicom properly.

  • Most importantly, Have fun!

  • Maintain a proper cruising altitude.

  • VistaJet Virtual, pilots, and ATC are not responsible for any violations you may receive during this event.

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