BennyBoy_Alpha's ATC Tracking Thread - IFATC PRACTICAL PASSED!

Hey, @BennyBoy_Alpha

Happy to hear you are joining IFATC. Feel free to tag me when you open; I’ll try my best to join. I’ll join shortly!

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Aren’t we too much for a first session 😂

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I’m coping…just…

Unfortunately I can’t make it this time, sorry

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Don’t worry - I got 5 planes at the moment and its plenty…

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I’m gonna FS and give my feedback 😉

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Hey @BennyBoy_Alpha!

I assume you’re quite new to all this.

Feedback I-SUCK

  • Aircraft in the pattern must be: Sequenced, and then Cleared.
    You were only giving us “Cleared for the option….”, when it should’ve been a sequence first: “Number 2, traffic to follow is on….”, and then the clearance.

  • I was told to take off 3L, then got a clearance for the option for 3R. If you want me to switch runways, you must issue a pattern entry with a sequence, and then the clearance.

  • My go around was very late. Aim to give it before the aircraft crosses the threshold.

  • When someone requests a runway change, or there is an aircraft inbound:
    You must give them a pattern entry with a sequence, and then a clearance.

  • There is no need to use “adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead”, except in very rare scenarios. A sequence is enough - once it is given, it is the pilots responsibility to follow the traffic.
    Additionally, if additional spacing is necessary, I highly recommend you use “extend downwind/upwind” instead of speed instructions.

It was certainly a lot of aircraft to manage for a first session! Looking forward to seeing you join the team soon :)


Thanks for the feedback! Very helpful!

Yeah I wasn’t expecting to have to deal with 5 aircraft at once…

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Feedback OK-LOL

Departure sequence

  • Aircraft cleared for take-off are no longer counted in the sequence.

Sequencing & Clearance

  • After taking off, I did not receive a sequence to follow the other aircraft on downwind. (Ex. Number 2, traffic to follow in on right downwind).

  • If you clear an aircraft for take-off and to make right traffic, you don’t need to repeat it on the clearance.

Runway changes

  • When I requested a runway change to 03R, I wasn’t given a new pattern entry for the new runway. I was just cleared as number 1.

After a runway change is requested, you must give a new pattern entry, sequence (If needed), and new clearance with a traffic direction.

Departing the airspace

  • No frequency change on departure. I had to request it.

Thanks for the service; Take care!

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feedback | YU-KII


  • The first P/B conflict was well managed ✅

  • after I saw you gived the G/W command to Tunamkol and that was good ✅


I think that when we have 2 parallel runway, it’s better to make R for right traffic and L for left traffic, it is less confusing if there is really more planes, you choosed this config so I won’t say more.

  • When the aircraft is already in the pattern, there is no need to give a direction with the clearance since I already received it with the TO clearance

  • As Tunamkol said, all sequence was missed so it couldn’t be tested more than that

  • for my second pattern, my clearance was really late, you have no need to wait until so late , you can give me the clearance at anytime within the pattern

  • the exit command was good ✅

Thanks for having me @BennyBoy_Alpha and I hope you improve at each of your session to become fast an IFATC 😉

Thanks guys for the feedback! Sounds like sequencing is my area to improve on!

There’s high terrain to the west of GCLP so I wasn’t sure whether it would be appropriate. Feel free to tell me whether it was OK or not as I’ll probably use this airport several times.

Thanks guys - I’m gonna close now!

Edit: 33 operations - nice! I wasn’t expecting to get that many in my first session…

Let me check

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Feedback YA-FLY

  • If you are in a case where you need to cancel a takeoff clearance, use the Cancel Takeoff Clearance button, not just the hold position button. Also, in this situation, a better way to handle the parallel takeoffs would be to give Metier (Judgement 1 Heavy) an extend upwind, and make him turn crosswind after he has either vertical separation (500 ft above me; ex. if he’s at pattern altitude at 1600 feet) or if I’ve already turned crosswind. Another option would be giving Metier a LUAW, and clear him after it’s clear that there will no longer be a conflict on upwind.
  • Got Cleared for Option very late, I got cleared after I reported I was on right base - you can clear me as soon as you feel confident that the sequence and clearance won’t change
  • Got an exit runway while I wasn’t even touching the ground, and also, I was doing a touch and go, so there was no need for an exit runway command (I even reported for touch and go). Since Option does technically also allow for a full stop, you can give an exit command after “If aircraft are in the pattern and have not announced a full stop, the Controller can assume the aircraft intends on performing a touch & go or stop & go (see 3.3.5 above). In this case, delay the exit command until it is clear that the aircraft is intending on a full stop (i.e. either starting to exit the runway or there is no longer sufficient runway left for the aircraft to take-off again)” - From the ATC Manual in section 3.5

I suggest that you take a thorough read through the ATC manual and watch The Perfect ATC Test video before you open again.

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Ok thanks for the feeback - I will keep that in mind!

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Judgement 1

  • Departure timing. This comes with practice. It was much longer than necessary between the Hold Short 3L until the Takeoff Clearance.

  • No sequencing. I should have been No.2 Traffic to follow on final.

  • Extend downwind after I had already turned base. This is a big no no. Separation wasn’t an issue with YA-FLY. He was on a tighter pattern for the nearer runway.

  • Not cleared on the first circuit causing GA

  • Clearance on the second circuit came late on DW. Issue it by midfield.

So I checked and yes it is possible to make it but really close to the ground but if we are at 2000ft and on a close pattern next to the airport, it’s possible, but I’m not able to say if it’s acceptable or not

Oops - I thought I had cleared you. Will make sure to always double-check next time.

Roger on the sequencing-related feedback. It seems to be common among everyone - I will make sure to thoroughly read up on sequencing before I next open.

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So should I use left traffic 3L in future sessions?

Or should I use another airport that doesn’t have terrain restrictions?

Using multiple airports is always better for a good training but as I said before, my knowledge can’t make me take a good decision about this left traffic

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Just do this. Only having 1 traffic direction is difficult with parallel runways and 5 aircraft.