Benny07’s ATC Tracking Thread - [closed!] @kfat [Written Passed]

Benny Levine tracking thread

Open @Kfat
landing/departing runways 29L 29R
About me

I want to be a expert server atc for tower and ground ( Eventually for everything )
I currently studding for the practical and I need work with some sequencing and pattern work.

Feed back

You can help me by giving me feedback and by doing traffic patterns with me
Please be patient with me as I am still learning things


@ItsBlitz @Crcoli737 @CaptainSooraj

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Hey Benny,

Great to see that you’re practicing your ATC skills and I hope to see you apart of the IFATC Team soon.

I’ve edited the title for you to follow the same format as other ATC Tracking Thread’s. Just make sure to change the Open to Closed once you have closed and to change the airport ICAO, if you decide to open somewhere different.


Hey There Mate! I will be there! Maybe try to do this
Benny07’s ATC Tracking Thready - @KSAN [ OPEN ]
Thanks For Fixing It Up @Declan_O!


Here is My Feedback!

  • Great Job On Responding Quickly

  • After A Plane Is Airborne Wait For 5-10 Seconds And Then Tell Them Contact LA Center Or Approach or Departure :)

  • Great Job With Telling Me Give Way To Aircraft On Your Write

  • You Don’t Really Need To Tell A Plane Fly At Or Above 5000 Ft but I highly recommend this at busy airports like LAX or DFW. Just Use That For Spacing Especially! :)

  • You Don’t Have to Tell A plane to line up and wait when the runway is empty

All In All Great Job Mate I Think You Will Make A Great Controller One Day! For Help Maybe Use This :)

Introduction | Infinite Flight

Learn how to get the most out of Infinite Flight with our online documentation.
Cheers- RyMan

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Thx so much for the feed back 😃

I will be open later today

Trying to learn trafic patterns and sequencing
If you want to help stop by 😀

Make sure to give feedback to help Improve

(Kfat) @

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I will be stopping by😉

How should I know who to tag to help me and give feed back

Hi @Benny07,

Tracking threads are very useful and @RyMan was very kind to come and help with your journey to IFATC. However, they are no replacement for training by a member of the IFATC team: sometimes feedback is wrong, such as here.

Moving an aircraft away from the Tower frequency is not to do with time. If there are no Radar services available, keep the aircraft on your frequency until they are clear of conflict or are departing your airspace (the first ring around the airport fix). If Departure or Centre services are available, send aircraft to that frequency as soon as is safe and proper. If Approach services are available, send aircraft to that frequency if the controller has communicated they are okay with this as soon as is safe and proper—if they are not, send them a ‘frequency change approved, good day!’

Straight out departures are not always dependent on traffic load. You may have only one aircraft on frequency but use these to not interfere with the flow of another airport (eg. the New York area). Another situation they may be pertinent despite low traffic load is with parallel runways: the only two aircraft on your frequency departing on parallel runways at the same time can cause issues with separation, for example.

Good luck with your IFATC application.



Hello! I’ll try swing by next time :)

I will also try to stop by next time, BOI is my home airport and it’s great to see it being used on IF.

@Benny07 can you please change your title to closed.

Sorry usually do I forgot because I had a race yesterday and I was playing in the morning

no worries, when are u opening again?

Yes I will be opening up and I will be looking for feed back to help me improve as atc instructor

Open at kboi

Hi guys I will be live tomorrow I could really use the feed back for my practical test

Will be open in 30 mins

airport ksan
user Benny07
runways 27 for both departing and arriving
pattern work excepted

@SierraHotel @LordWizrak @DylanIE

closed for a bit